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With many coach training options available, why train through Coach Deeper?  The answer is simple: powerful awareness for the client no matter who they are and where they come from.


Through our experience of working with people from a huge range of communities, cultures, and nations, we know that as the human race we don’t all communicate in the same way - powerful and sensemaking conversations happen in different ways for different people.  At Coach Deeper, we apply a visual model to our coaching making powerful conversations more universally accessible.


The story behind the model is that when working in Iraq trying to explain coaching in Arabic to Syrian refugee social workers (through an interpreter), Sean Callaghan (Coach Deeper’s Director of Coach Education) saw the utter uselessness of the acronym model he usually taught, for this particular context.  In situ, he created a unique visual coaching model which proved to be easily understood, very memorable, and highly effective. Since then the Coach Deeper faculty have continued to use the model for clients from all three worldviews, and for those whose thought patterns tend to be dispersed rather than linear.


The Coach Deeper model of coaching enables you to shape the flow of the conversation by using a visual picture that you hold in your head as you work with the client. You get to keep track of the process, and this frees you up to respond to the client, not drive a model. Any of the other acronym-based approaches can still be used within it, and it still fulfills all the objectives of a coaching conversation and all the ICF core competencies.

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