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Training portfolio


Coach Deeper Director of Coach Education, Sean Callaghan (PCC), along with other faculty, regularly schedule new training opportunities in response to the needs in our sector. Each of our faculty are experienced in adult education and training and are seasoned coaches each running their own practice and in good standing with the ICF.  Our training courses subscribe to the ICF definition of coaching, Code of Ethics and Core Competencies.


Our full training portfolio currently includes:

Certificate programmes
  • Coach Deeper Essentials (30-hours of ICF accredited training)

  • Coach Deeper Transformation (30-hours of advanced skills ICF accredited training)

  • Coach Deeper Certificate (Essentials + Transformation = 60-hours of ICF accredited training)

  • Creating a Coaching Culture (30-hours of ICF accredited training)


​Continuous professional development (CPD)​
  • An introduction to coaching (9-hours)

  • An introduction to coaching and mentoring (12-hours)

  • Coaching social impact (10-hours)

  • Coaching work-life integration (10-hours)

  • Coaching through transitions (10-hours)

  • Coaching to build resilience (10-hours)

  • Setting up your coaching practice (10-hours)

  • Working in inter-cultural teams and contexts (10-hours)

Mentor Coaching
  • ICF approved Mentor Coaching by a PCC coach (10-hours)​

Email us if you would like to know more or to schedule any of these with your team, organization, or programme.

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