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coaching culture


Go wide to create contextual learning

This organizational development module covers the skills needed to apply coaching systemically across an organization or programme, thereby strengthening it to become a learning space with the potential to increase its impact. It is aimed at leaders, managers and consultants.


30 hours of ICF-accredited live online learning  |  English |  Zoom


To enroll, you need at least another 60 hours of coach-specific training or ideally an ICF ACC qualification.

In the lessons included in this module, participants will:


  • Explore the benefits of, and develop strategies for, encouraging and strengthening a coaching culture within their organizations.


  • Learn how to communicate the benefits of coaching using a simple ROI calculation.


  • Based on an organizational lifecycle model, explore how they will coach clients in various stages.


  • Develop the procedures for successful client engagement (whether an organisation, leadership team or individual) from the first contact through to wrap-up and potential re-contracting.

  • Commit to upholding ICF ethics in their coaching practice.


  • Practice coaching and receive practical feedback.

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