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Life Coach

coach deeper


Get started with reshaping the conversation

This foundational module covers the essentials of coaching and is ideal for those new to coaching as a modality.


30 hours of ICF-accredited live online learning  |  English  |  Zoom


Half the training required for an ICF qualification. Our advanced module provides the rest.


In the lessons included in this module, participants will:


  • Define coaching as it relates to other professions;

  • Begin to work with all 8 ICF core competencies; 

  • Learn how to shape the flow of a coaching session from start to finish;

  • Be introduced to a unique inter-cultural coaching model; 

  • Create a safe space for the group’s learning experience; 

  • Practice active listening; 

  • Practice asking powerful questions that create awareness; 

  • Practice using direct communication; 

  • Learn to support a client in designing actions with appropriate planning, goal-setting, progress, and accountability;

  • Practice coaching and receive practical feedback.

As a bonus, this module also includes the content from the CPD course: "Setting up your coaching practice"; participants get to develop procedures for client engagement from the first contact through to wrap-up and potential re-contracting, and tips for running your own successful coaching business.

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