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COACH Deeper transformation


Go deeper for lasting change

This advanced module covers the skills needed to coach at a deeper level to help clients toward transformation and increased resilience.


30 hours of ICF-accredited live online learning  |  English  |  Zoom


To enroll, you need at least another 30 hours of coach-specific training, which is available through our foundational module.

Half the training required for an ICF qualification. 


In the lessons included in this module, participants will:


  • Advance their skill in all 8 ICF core competencies;

  • Practice using Dilts’ Logical Levels model to create deeper awareness.


  • Apply effective coaching strategies to a variety of client scenarios to bridge the gap to work-life integration.


  • Practice coaching from and towards the client’s value-base.


  • Develop strategies for coaching clients through life transitions.


  • Develop strategies for coaching clients towards building their resilience.


  • Establish a framework for integrating this learning into coaching practice.


  • Practice coaching and receive practical feedback.

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